The Japanese art form of Origami aims to create almost anything out of a single sheet of paper. Likewise, we are a creative team that aims to do the same with our instruments.

Our label consists of Ovall, Kan Sano, Michael Kaneko, Hiro-a-key, Shingo Suzuki, Shingo Sekiguchi, mabanua, and Nenashi.

Originally born out of the underground hip hop, jazz, soul jam session scene in Tokyo in 2007, Origami’s original goal was to spread its music and movement around the world.

However as time has progressed, Origami has transformed into a music label free of genre and borders. Apart from playing shows and festivals, we write music for movies, TV shows, commercials, and anime. Our artists are also producers, and session musicians as well, and often collaborate with J-pop artists, and international artists.

Ovall、Kan Sano、Michael Kaneko、Hiro-a-key、Shingo Suzuki、関口シンゴ、mabanua、Nenashiが所属。

〒155-0033 東京都世田谷区代田3-41-8 #507