origami Home Sessions

origami Home Sessions

origami Home Sessions

We live in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has left many musicians without any sort of income. We at origami PRODUCTIONS would like to support these artists by providing tracks to use, free of charge.

We’re calling this project, “origami Home Sessions”. We’ve uploaded online, instrumental and acappella tracks by each of our artists. It’s up to you to choose what you want to do with these tracks. Create a song or a remix and upload it online. You can even release the song officially on your upcoming album and upload it onto any number of streaming platforms. All proceeds accumulated through the song goes straight into your pocket; Yes, 100% of the profits are yours to keep.

Instrumental tracks from Shingo Suzuki, mabanua, Kan Sano, Sekiguchi Shingo and Michael Kaneko; An acappella track from singer Hiro-a-key. We’ve even gone as far as uploading the stems to each track online. Feel free to dissect and use these tracks in any way you like. Sing, rap, sample, play: let your creative juices flow.

Let’s work together to support one another, and together we will overcome the challenges we are currently facing. We can’t wait to see everyone once everything settles down. Until then, be safe, stay at home, and let the music take control.


— To the artists —
To release the song, please follow these guidelines.

1. Put in collaboration names
ex. feat. mabanua, Prod. by Shingo Suzuki, with Kan Sano etc.

2. Hashtag us when spreading on Social Media. #origamiHomeSessions #(ArtistName) #origamiPRODUCTIONS.

3. Please refrain from registering to any publishing companies or copyright collectives. This is to avoid having the same song registered.

4. When monetizing on YouTube, please do not register your work through Content ID.
If you are submitting your work through an aggregator/distributer (i.e. TuneCore, Space Shower etc.) please double check to see that you have not registered through Contend ID.
For those unaware, Content ID is YouTube’s software which allows creators to claim that you are the sole copyright holder/owner of the content used in the video.
If registered, users can block other users from using the same content, and even profit off of other users videos.
This allows a sole individual to have control over the use of the content (in this case the song), and remove other videos using the same content.
This is against the purpose/guidelines of our project, #origamiHomeSessions.

If you have over 1,000 channel subscribers or have more than 4,000 hours of views, you will still be able monetize your video without registering through content ID. Unfortunately, those that do not meet these requirements will not be able to monetize their videos. If so, please use this opportunity to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

▼ Download the para data or stem files.
Kan Sano
Shingo Suzuki
Shingo Sekiguchi
Hiro-a-key – “Be There”
Michael Kaneko – “Flames”

origami Home Sessions – Submission

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Enjoy!!!